Breville Bes870xl Review Barista express espresso machine for You who Want to Taste a Cafe Quality Espresso, Latte, and Cappuccino Serving a fresh and delicious cup of espresso is one of the ways to make your customers want to visit your cafe over and over again. You can use a perfect espresso machine such as Brevillebes870xl to serve a cup of tasty espresso. Before using this espresso machine let’s check out the detail as well as the motive why you have to use Breville barista express espresso machine to support your business. The description below examines the detail of the espresso machine from its model, features, performance, price and many more to broaden your understanding before choosing the best espresso machine.
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Bes870xl Review

Model Barista express espresso machine Bes870

Before checking the features and systems installed in this espresso machine, you need to check the model first. The model is interesting and stylish enough and it is great to show the machine which helps you serve the best espresso. The silver color makes this espresso machine easy to mix and match with the interior design of your cafe.

The model and color are eye-catching and people will curious about the machine and want to taste a cup of espresso from it. Breville is trying to understand barista so they create a functional espresso machine. The buttons are clear to see and easy to reach with your hand. Because of the model which understand the users, a barista is able to serve a cup of espresso faster than if they use an old-fashion machine. It seems that the model is similar to Breville bes860xl but actually it is the latest model. Indeed, there are some differences which improve performance between this version and the previous one.

Size Breville 870

The size of this espresso machine is compact enough so you can put anywhere you want at your coffee shop or cafe. Moreover, you don’t need to prepare too large space only to put the machine. Along with its compact size, Breville be870xl parts are complete and effective enough to make delicious espresso. One of the parts is a removable water tank. You can fill the water tank with 2 liters or 67 fl.oz of fresh water so you have enough supply to serve espresso fast without getting confused with the water anymore. You have to remember that the time to prepare the ingredients and the machine is also the secret of delicious espresso.

Purge Function Feature Breville Bes870

When you read some of Breville bes870xl espresso machine reviews ,they explain about a special part known as the purge function feature. This feature helps barista to make espresso faster and more efficient than before. This is due to the function of the feature which able to adjust water temperature after the steam process. Using the right water temperature has an important role to make a cup of delicious espresso. The process has a strong relationship with the extraction process. In this case, the purge function feature helps to set the extraction temperature for an optimal extraction process.

High-Tech Heating System Breville Bes870xl

Temperature is the most important thing in the making of espresso. That’s why you have to measure the heat precisely while preparing the espresso. Breville understands this important element so this manufacturer is designing an espresso machine with the latest heating system. In specific, you are about to use a coffee machine with 15 bar Italian pump and 1600W thermo-coil heating system.

Durable Grinder Breville Bes870xl

One of the interesting parts, when you read the Breville bes870xl manual is the grinder. A grinder machine determines whether you can prepare the best coffee for a cup of espresso or not. The grinder machine installed in the machine is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a strong material and it makes the grinder durable, especially if you have to use the machine every day to serve espresso to your customers. You can also do the grinding process comfortably along with seeing smooth coffee because of the sealed bean hopper. It protects the grinder machine during the grinding process so the machine can really produce fine coffee for espresso.

Easy to Use Breville Barista express espresso machine

Along with a suitable model, Breville Barista express espresso machine bes870 is easy to use by anyone who wants to be a barista. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or advanced barista, you can operate this espresso machine well. Thebes870xl manual is brief, clear, and easy to understand so a first-time user can set the machine and then operate it right away. While reading the manual, you will see a specific feature designed for beginner and experienced barista. For example, there is two dual-wall with a filter which is designed for beginner barista. This feature helps beginner barista to extract the coffee perfectly by supporting the process with the right pressure.

As a beginner barista, you might not know about it and you don’t need to think about it because bes870 handle it automatically for you. On the other hand, this machine is supported by two single-wall and it is designed for an experienced barista. The difference is that the two single-wall is not supported by a filter. As a result, you can play with different grind size, amount, and tamping pressure to create your authentic espresso.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Important Features for Water Supply Breville Coffee Machine

Breville Coffee Machine You are not only considering the water temperature but also the water supply and regulation. The best part is that this coffee machine supports all you need in order to use water. It has a specific feature to manage water temperature, amount, and regulation. In the case of water regulation, the coffee machine is using a pre-brew function and flat shower head. These two features work to make sure that you get enough water supply to the coffee puck.

Features for Hygiene

Keeping the hygiene of the machine is also the key to keep the quality of the espresso. Breville also understands about it and because of that, the machine has a feature to remove excess water from the filter basket. This is a really helpful feature, especially to keep the coffee machine clean after the extraction process. Because of these features, you can easily clean up the used grounds form because it is dry.

Multifunction Coffee Machine

For those who need a multifunction coffee machine, you can just use bes870xl by Breville. This is because the machine is not only able to make delicious espresso but also different types of coffee. Along with the help of a stainless steel swivel-action steam wand, you can also serve a cup of tasty latte and cappuccino at your coffee shop or cafe. The feature is also simple to use so you can prepare latte or cappuccino anytime you want faster.

Flexible Coffee Machine

Breville Coffee Grinder bes870 is not only perfect for those who want to open a coffee shop or cafe but also for coffee lovers who want to make espresso, latte, and cappuccino at home anytime they want. So, even though you are not a professional barista, you can still serve delicious, fresh, and tasty espresso to your friends or family who comes to your house. The most important thing, you can prepare the espresso fast. Indeed, people who try your espresso will be amazed by the way you make it and also the flavor. You will be felt lucky because you have this coffee machine.

Great Bundle for Espresso Lovers Breville Coffee Grinder

Breville offers a great bundle for espresso lovers who want to start a coffee shop or cafe business or those who just want to enjoy a cup of espresso anytime they want at home. A bundle of bes870xl consists of Breville bes870xl barista express espresso, kitchen espresso handled tamper, frothing pitcher, and espresso cup and saucer set. It is a really interesting bundle for a beginner barista because when the package is arrives, you can set and try to make a cup of espresso right away. You don’t need to get confused anymore about the additional tools you have to prepare to make espresso, latte, and cappuccino. All of the tools have been included in the package.

The Price of Breville Bes870

So, how much money do you have to spend to bring this express espresso home? The price is various and it depends on the place where you buy the machine. The good news, you can find this coffee machine online in reputable online stores. So, how to get the best price? You can try to type the best price Breville bes870xl as a keyword when you are searching for it in the search engine. In a few seconds, you will find the list of reputable online stores which sell this machine. For a faster solution, you may go to a specific online store such as Amazon and check the price of this product there. When you find the best product and price, you can order it and wait for the espresso machine comes to you. Then, you can really feel the features and benefits you get from Breville bes870.

Breville bes870 Barista Express Machine Option

There are several similar coffee machines on the market. Let’s find out first the different between Brevillebes870xl and the other espresso machines. For your information, Brevillebes870xl silver is not the only product from Breville you can choose. Besides choosing the silver version, you can also choose black sesame and cranberry red colors. All of them are offering the same features and systems which help to create a cup of great taste espresso, latte, and cappuccino. You can just choose the color which matches with your coffee shop or cafe theme or kitchen.

The Benefits You Get from Breville Barista Express Espresso

This Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine is express espresso coffee machine has a lot of benefits. The benefits cover the main key to creating delicious and fresh coffee. Let say, the machine has a feature to control the number of coffee beans you have to grind and ingredients to process and make espresso, latte, or cappuccino. Moreover, the machine also has a feature which can control the water temperature. In fact, the temperature of the water determines the taste of the espresso. What you need it a precise water temperature and you don’t need to do trial and error with the machine because you just need to set the machine and it works to prepare the precise water temperature for a cafe quality espresso, latte, and cappuccino.

Water temperature and amount of ingredients are not only the key to make high-quality coffee but you also need to consider the water pressure. It is hard to get the most optimal water pressure by using an old fashioned coffee machine. By using this machine, you don’t need to get confused anymore about the way to reach the most optimal water pressure. Brevillebes870xl is also supported by a feature which can help to reach the most optimal water pressure in order to create delicious and great taste espresso, latte, and cappuccino. The last thing to consider if you want to taste a cup of espresso, latte, or cappuccino just like what you taste in your favorite coffee shop or cafe is the steam pressure. Another benefit of using a coffee machine from Breville is that you also don’t need to predict the best steam pressure. The feature installed on the machine helps to reach the best steam pressure. This is the reason why this coffee machine is a good option for beginner barista. You will get all the things you need to create high-quality coffee in one coffee machine. You just need to operate the machine based on the instruction and you will get all the benefits you are expected. Even, you will be amazed when you are enjoying the coffee that you have made with this machine. Indeed, your friends and family will be curious about how you can serve delicious coffee which the same with the taste of coffee in their favorite coffee shop or cafe.

Breville Bes870xl Review

Things that Old Fashioned Coffee Machines Don’t Have

To make sure that you are using the best coffee machine, you need to know the things that Breville bes870xl have and the old fashion coffee machines don’t. First, this coffee machine is designed to produce cafe quality espresso, latte, and cappuccino. That’s why temperature becomes one of the most important factors. Thermocoil heating system is something that the old fashioned coffee machines don’t have. By using this feature, the Breville coffee machine shows its outstanding performance in making high-quality coffee. The thermo-coil heating system helps to boost the heating time as well as to reach the precise heat. As a result, you will taste a really clean taste coffee.

Second, this coffee machine is also supported by a built-in conical burr grinder. It is a useful feature in which some of the old-fashioned coffee machines don’t have. Previously, you couldn’t measure the coffee beans you have to grind. You just grind all of them and sometimes it is too much. The conical grinder helps to solve this problem because you can manage the number of coffee beans you want to grind. As a result, you just grind the coffee beans you need. This is also an important factor to keep the quality of the coffee. It is better to use fresh fine coffee if you want to make high-quality espresso. The grinder works by keeping the flavor of the coffee beans even you enjoy the coffee after 5 minutes. Actually, this is the sign that the coffee machine helps to produce fresh coffee than any other machines. The old-fashion machine is unable to keep the flavor of the coffee beans after grinding it, especially after 5 minutes. The feature is also supported by an adjustable size and dose so you can measure and decide the taste of the coffee.

Third, another feature which the old-fashion espresso machines don’t have is the micro-foam milk texturing. In the past, you only enjoyed an ordinary espresso just like when you are enjoying a cup of regular coffee. The case will be different if you are using a coffee machine by Braville. This machine has a micro-foam milk texturing and it helps to give beautiful texture to the milk foam. It makes your espresso looks artistic than any other espresso out there. This feature is beneficial for you who want to start a coffee shop or cafe business. You can make your espresso products more interesting to see. Interestingly, the feature also boosts the flavor of the coffee so it tastes more delicious.

Fourth, one of the difficult things to make espresso in the past was determined the shot volume. Nowadays, you don’t need to get confused any more with it. Brevillebes870xl has a specific feature namely volumetric control. This is a feature which can help you to set your best shot volume automatically. You just need to set the single or double shot controller and let the machine works automatically to give the best shot volume. The volumetric control also works to increase the pressure to achieve the best pressure level. This process is an important factor in the extraction process.

What People Say about this Espresso Machine

Some beginner coffee makers or barista glad to have Brevillebes870xl. Most of them said that this machine works well just like what they are expected. For example, the model is not only stylish but also simple enough so they can use the machine right away even if they are first-time users. The controller is also well designed and managed and it makes beginner barista can operate and set the machine just like what they want to make not only to make espresso but also latte and cappuccino by the time they receive it. Even, they are satisfied with the manual in which it is written briefly and clearly. As a result, the users are easy to understand the parts as well as the way to set and operate the machine in a few minutes. The parts are also good enough to support a beginner barista to serve espresso just like an expert. The grinder works well to grind the coffee beans into fine coffee. Then, the machine processes the fine coffee into delicious espresso, latte, or cappuccino. They are satisfied with the flavor because the coffee beans are ground perfectly. At the same time, the machine is easy to clean so there is no used coffee ground left in the machine. It seems that Breville needs to explain how to install and use the coffee machine in the right way. The explanation is useful for first-time users in order to operate the machine without any problem.


Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that Brevillebes870xl is more than just an ordinary coffee machine. Even, it can be said that the machine is a better improvement from the old-fashioned coffee machines. The features are designed to replace the manual process which looks complicated and takes time to complete. The process can be done automatically and in the simplest way without decreasing the quality of the coffee. Even, you can taste a cup of cafe quality coffee by using this machine. The product is also easy to find online and to get Breville bes870xl lowest price, you just need to visit the best online store. Just find special Breville bes870xl sale in that online store and bring this coffee machine right away.

The point is that Breville Barista express espresso machine bes870 works well whether for those who only want to enjoy or serve special espresso at home or you who want to start a coffee shop or cafe business. Just imagine if you can enjoy a cup of cafe quality espresso anytime you want and you are processing it at your lovely kitchen. You can also invite your best friends and colleagues to taste your homemade espresso. Brevillebes870xl is a good option for a small coffee shop business. The price is affordable enough so you can use it to make more profit from your coffee shop. Later, you can use the features maximally and serve only the fresh and high-quality espresso, latte, and cappuccino to the customers. What you have to do is read the review carefully and start to think about having Breville bes870xl review at your kitchen or coffee shop. In the end, the problem of finding the best coffee machine is solved.